Tuesday, November 21, 2017



what are legacies?

lin-manuel miranda described it in hamilton as "it's planting seeds in a garden you never get to see." 

well, my papaw left a legacy. my papaw was a great man. God-fearing and honest. a man who would tell you how it is. a democrat in Indiana. papaw was a good man. 

i'm still reeling. 

unable to cry. unable to break down. i don't cry much.  i cried when i broke down to my friends. but yet i haven't cried about my papaw yet. i don't know why. 

maybe its because i haven't coped with it. maybe if i go to their house later, ill expect to see him. 

see him in that big old recliner, tv louder than normal, changed to the hunting channel. or maybe at his dining room table, drinking his coffee in a dinky little cup. 

i miss you, papaw. enjoy heaven. you're more than virtually alright. 

always forward, 


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