Monday, June 13, 2016

With Love

Hello all. Sorry for no posts, but life has been hectic lately. But what brought me out of a slump was the recent news from Orlando. In case you haven't heard, first, a young singer and personal role model of mine, Christina Grimmie was shot and killed Friday. Secondly, there was a shooting early yesterday morning at the Pulse gay nightclub, which is the worse mass shooting in America and the worse terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11. 

I want to extend my sympathies to the families of all the victims. My heart breaks for all of the lives lost. I mourn for Christina. Such an innocent and beautiful life cut short by the actions of a deranged man. She had so much more to do here, but I rejoice that she is in Heaven with God. No more pain, no more sorrow, just peace. The Grimmie family has been on my heart for the last few days since the attack. I never knew Christina personally, nor did I ever meet her. I always wanted to...but I'll never get that chance ever again, and I regret that I never could see her. But I was, and always will be Team Grimmie. Always. 

I mourn for the 50 lives lost in the nightclub shooting. Regardless of your religion and beliefs, these were lives lost by a terrorist attack. Let's not go into religion wars, because that's not needed right now. What is needed? Prayers. Action. Let's not have this happen ever again. 

I titled this post "With Love" after Christina's song of the same name, and I think love is still the best response we can have. 

With love, 


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