Thursday, July 9, 2009


Well, sorry for not writing for a while but, I've been BUSY!

First off, I am back in Virginia. But now that we are back, we are going back down. My dad has to go down to Atlanta to show one of his old officers around. We are staying down in Alabama for a week. Plus, I was in a church play called "Are We There Yet?" My only musical-except for stage tech. I starred in it. I was the Pharoah during the Exodus. Plus I will be going to the pureNRG concert at Westwood Baptist Church. It is on August 19th, 2009. But who will take me?

Ah well. Plus I will talk about the Tribulation next blog, Which I hope will be in Alabaster, AL. Even so, Come, Lord Jesus!

Courage and Godspeed,


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