Monday, September 7, 2015

Just a quick thought...

Didn't feel like writing a full blog tonight. May be writing one later tomorrow, but for now, just some thoughts on Kim Davis...

Funny how Christians choose to love Romans 12:2. You know, the whole "be ye not conformed..." verse? They love to apply this to politics and all of this. Might I add that Romans 13 is completely about authorities, including the first verse which is "Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God." 

In other words, no matter how much people hate the SCOTUS ruling, it was determined by the authorities. Therefore, Kim Davis was wrong. I know Christians know God has a plan for everyone and everything---including the United States. He wouldn't have allowed it without it being in His plan for His glory. 

"But Nathaniel, Kim Davis is being persecuted for doing God's work!" 

No. It doesn't work that way. See, the position Kim Davis held (I say held because to the best of my knowledge, she is still in jail) was one of which she was voted into. As such, she can only be impeached to be removed now. 

Wonder where I'm going with this? 

Who else holds a position like this?

The President. And you know what? What does the President do before officially becoming the President on Inauguration Day? He takes the oath of office

Just like Kim Davis took a oath of office for her position. See, because when you take an oath of office, no matter the position, you are supposed---no, EXPECTED to keep your beliefs to yourself, no matter what. So when Kim Davis began forcing her beliefs on the State of Kentucky, then I fully believe---and support---the actions of the judge who removed her temporarily. 

See, I fully support Christians in office---but if you take an oath of office, then you need to uphold that law and/or ruling above your beliefs. 

Maybe that's just me though. I find it funny that Kim Davis, who has divorced three times, is being held up as the standard for Christianity. 

I'm tired now, so good night. 



  1. I agree.

    The oath she took was to uphold all the laws of the land, and as soon as she felt unable to fulfil her obligation due to her beliefs, the only appropriate action was to resign.

    I'm sorry to see you mention her divorces and her being held up as an example of a great Christian. I think you're argument would have been stronger without this ever being mentioned. None of us are any better than the other. It doesn't matter what our past holds, and each of us is only a step away from falling.

    1. I'm sorry I had to mention them. I know none of us are better than each other, but I cannot stand in good conscience when Christians such as Mrs. Davis act the way they do when they take an oath and when she has had these divorces.

      As for her being held up, I'm sure you have seen the news where multiple Christian and conservative sites/Facebook pages have done so: They've held Davis up as a martyr, a woman who took on the government for her beliefs and was persecuted for it.

  2. To me it's more of an Acts 5:29 thing than a Romans 12:2 thing. We're bound to obey the authorities unless they ask us to disobey God. But the debate over when and how to engage in civil disobedience has literally gone on for centuries in both the church and secular society, and includes the American Revolution. King George was the ruling authority. Did we have the right to rebel against him? Where does conscience play into this? Martin Luther stood before Emperor Charles V and flatly refused to retract his writings supporting Scripture over against the Church of Rome, saying that his conscience was bound to the Word of God, and that to go against conscience is neither right nor safe. I don't know much about Kim Davis' personal life. Itsounds like she hasn't always lived an exemplary one. But I don't think we can necessarily allow that to be a determining factor in concluding whether her actions in this particular case are right or wrong. It'll be interesting in any case to see how this case is played out in the courts.

    1. You're right, as most of Davis' marriages took place, it seems, before her conversion. It will be interesting to see the case go forward. I fear for those who use her as a martyr though, as she broke her oath, which was wrong.