Monday, July 27, 2015

A War of All Against All

Hey guys, it's me again.

So, the Presidential election, huh? It's turning out to be a real clown car match so far, right? 

As next year will be my first year as a voter in a election, I've wondered how I'm going to vote. Do I vote Democratic or Republican? Independent, even? I know it's corny, but people, our votes do matter. 

As for the candidates...well, I'm not so optimistic about all of them. Case in point: Donald Trump. Yes, the man is charismatic. But he is NOT Presidential material, in my honest opinion. 

Let's see what he's done:

  • Alienated Hispanics by calling many Mexicans "rapists", then stating that there was a small amount that were good. (So basically his plan is to kick out any illegal immigrants)
  • Publicly stated that he liked "veterans who weren't caught", along with proclaiming that to him, John McCain was not a war hero. (Note that McCain technically started this by calling Trump supporters "crazies". 
  • Gave out Sen. Lindsey Graham's phone number in response to Graham calling Trump a word reserved usually for the backside of a donkey.
  • Banned the Des Moines Register from press events due to an anti-Trump editorial. 
Now, what have his actions caused? 

  • Many Latino celebrities have spoken out against Trump (from the young generation as an example, the young rapper Becky G released a song called "We Are Mexico".) Also, NBC and Univision have dropped Trump's Miss Universe pageant.
  • Republicans and Democrats have publicly denounced Trump's comments about McCain. (While I don't like McCain personally, I'll go ahead and say that he is a war hero; he was tortured for years, refusing to give up American military info, while Trump was dodging the draft. Take that into consideration when he starts swearing up and down that he'll give Vets the best things they need.)
  • Graham responded in a video destroying his old phone. As for comments, I believe it is the same as the McCain offense. 
  • The Register is trying to cover Trump again. Regardless of your thoughts on the banning, Trump just stopped reporters from trying to do their job. I realize there's the Internet, but still...Does this show Trump's position in the future towards the press? If it's not positive, you're banned?
Honestly, the candidates aren't looking so great on either side still. I have...issues with Bobby Jindal (As a Christian, I am okay with religious liberty. But don't force your constituents who voted no on an act involving it to follow it via an executive order.), Jeb Bush (cause we need another Bush), Hillary Clinton (See Jeb.), Ted Cruz (Because attacking fellow politicians down on the floor is good for political savvy), and other candidates. 

The title of this post comes from the Latin phrase "bellum omnium in omnes". It means, "A war of all against all". I truly hope and pray for the best in politics, but a lot of American politics involve dirty politics; scheming and insulting. 

We aren't The West Wing. There is no President Jed Bartlet and politics are not so nice and clean. 

And yet, I believe in the good of politics. 

I've been binging Parks and Recreation, and I find myself liking the character of Leslie Knope (played by the wonderful Amy Poehler). Leslie is a bright-eyed optimist who genuinely wants to make life better for her town. 

Maybe that's all we need. A Leslie Knope candidate in the race.


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