Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Truth

Hello again. 

This is something I needed to get off my chest. To those who simply read this, take it as someone who feels as if he's lost a friend. Take it if you are like me: you've lost someone you've trusted. You feel hurt, perhaps hurting for a while like I have been. If you must, use it. Feel free to change what you need in order to have it fit. Here it is:


Maybe you don't know this. Maybe you do. 

Whatever the case, this is my confession. 

When we first met, I never believed I could have a friend like you. You and I had the same things in common. Christ, comic books, movies, books...we were brothers in Christ. And still are, unless you, by some unknown way, have lost your way, but I believe you have not. 

But our friendship has. 

I have been silent these past few months, speaking with you only by you reaching out. At first, I told myself that I was simply letting you be, letting you live.

Only now, I have realized why I have remained silent. 

It is because you have replaced me with another brother. I understand that even best friends have more than one friend, even more than one best friend. I get that, feel that even. But you left me. You took our friendship and dropped it. You...look, I've forgiven you. 

But you DON'T understand that it hurt me. It hurts me to see you call another "brother". You left me to just...not have anyone besides my parents and God to vent to. I found people though. My good and wonderful friends. My BEST friends, who have never forsaken me, who have stuck by me. One in particular has been one to trust. One to vent to. She has taken that burden upon herself, and I thank her for that.

And I found hope. Literally. Someone who I can trust to be there. She has taken your place. She is my friend, one of my best friends. We have so much in common, it is almost like you are there...but you aren't. 

So this is it. We will see each other on Facebook. We will see each other on other parts of social media. But we will only be friends, nothing more, nothing less. 

They say the truth hurts, that it is brutal yet undeceitful. 

I wish I could say it doesn't hurt, that I know I've forgiven you beyond a shadow of a doubt. But I cannot.

Instead, I hope it hurts. Only to show you the pain you've done to me. And who knows, maybe you'll realize that. Maybe we can begin anew. But you deserve to know the truth. 



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