Wednesday, October 9, 2013

9/9/13: Hello Once Again...

Well, hello once again, everyone! As you know, I'm Nathaniel, the illustrious writer of this blog. I apologize for not keeping up with said blog. Life has been chaotic, and I'm sure it's been chaotic for you all as well.

Let me get you guys up to speed on my life. First off, I started an AP United States History course through Patrick Henry Preparatory College. I have made a great group of friends through that and I hope that they will read it.

Secondly, my father returned from a lengthy tour of service in Afghanistan. We are so proud of him and are glad to have him home.

Thirdly, We received orders to return back to the National Capital Region, AKA Washington D.C. While sad to leave Alabaster, we will return soon, so that's comforting.

Fourthly, I have some stories in the pipeline! I'm considering opening up a new blog to cover that. I might set up a FanFiction account as well to assist here, plus make a FictionPress account unless they are one and the same, in which I will be posting original stories there as well.

That should be it in terms of where I am in terms of my life. Sound off in the comments below if I should either make a FanFiction/FictionPress account or post my stories here in a blog format.


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